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I am a photographer, graphic designer and musician. At present, this site is solely for showcasing my football photos, but if you have an art, photography or design project, feel free to contact me with the details.


I grew up watching my father compose and shoot photos. (That's him in the photo). He worked as a professional photographer for 40+ years. I photographed live bands through my high school and college years. My "better half" is a high school football coach. I started taking pictures because sitting in the stands made my back hurt and I was always freezing toward the end of the season. I started an Instagram feed: @materdeifootball2017 in July 2017 and it currently has over 2,000+ followers and gaining. I really enjoy the challenge of taking these pictures. Following the ball is harder than you may guess.

That's it, that's my story.


If you would like me to shoot your child's football game, head to the photography rates page and fill out the quote info. Obviously, I can only be at one game at a time, so scheduling early is key.


If you enjoy the photos and feel like donating, there is a PayPal button at the bottom of every page. I pay for my all my own equipment, gas, parking, website hosting, etc... so every dollar is put toward keeping this going! I am not affiliated with any school or team, but I would like to thank those on Mater Dei's staff that helped me with field access!

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Thank you!

DAD aka SAM KWONG circa the 70's

JULIA kwong

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